About us – in English


Welcome to our school,

since the year 2000, when we set out to establish a modern secondary school, we have continually grown and become an appreciated member of the local educational landscape.

Situated in the vicinity of Berlin, Germany´s capital and one of its most dynamic cities, we provide excellent con­ditions for students aged 10 to 18. The green surrounding of Panketal adds to our modern, well-equipped buildings and helps students to learn successfully.

We strongly believe that learning in small groups, supported by understanding and dedicated teachers, will enable students to reach their full potentials. Stable relationships


between teachers and students as well as close communication with parents contribute to our enjoyable learning atmosphere and everybody´s individual progress. Only about 260 students learn here – making our school a place where students and teachers know each other well and – at the same time – avoiding feelings of anonymity.

Recently we have established classes for particularly talented and keen students who start two years earlier than usual.

We also understand that our school´s conditions provide advantages to children who suffer from attention deficits or hearing



Helping each other, showing understanding and compassion are valued very much. Regular school celebrations and meetings help to develop a feeling of belonging and community.

Bilingual classes in history, biology, and geography provide new insights into facts and events from new and different perspectives

and offer additional chances to use and broaden the student´s knowledge of language. Thus, our students appreciate direct contact with English-speaking students. We provide a comparably wide range of languages including Spanish, Latin, French, and – of course – English. These choices equip our students with the necessary skills and knowledge in a globalized world.

Also, our school is only one place of learning. Excellent access to public transport and to the centre of Berlin ease school trips to the numerous museums, exhibitions and historic sights. Additionally, we organize frequent projects on a wide range of topics. Class trips introducing students to places of cultural interest and to foreign cultures are well-established. Thus, we visit places like Weimar, London or Rome. How­ever, we would appreciate a regu­lar and frequent exchange with students of diffe­rent ages and teachers from English-speaking countries as well.

So, feel free to contact us – we look forward to establishing contacts with English schools, too.

Gymnasium Panketal
Freie Stadtrandschule im Grünen

Spreestrasse 2 • 16341 Panketal (Germany)

Telephone: +49 (0)30 / 94 41 81 24


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